As is testified by the number of kilometers of tunnels constructed every year all around the world, tunneling is a rapidly expanding sector on a global scale. In this context, suitably trained professionals, with multidisciplinary knowledges are in largely demanded. At the moment, these skills are not provided by the traditional academic courses and cannot be easily acquired during the professional experience. The Master course in tunnel engineering, supported by many companies operating in the tunneling sector, is conceived as a high specializing course, aimed at providing multidisciplinary skills, by defining a complete and articulated framework of all the necessary contents to prepare professionals with operational capabilities in design, construction and project management. Academics teachers and professional, operating both at a national and an international level, will tackle different engineering, technological, organizational, environmental, economical, legislative, strategic,  managerial  themes.

The Master is a full-time course lasting one year. The first six months consist in theoretical lessons, seminars and technical visits in construction sites and laboratories. The following six months are devoted to internships in companies active in the sector, under the supervision of professors and professionals.
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The candidates will get in touch with academic teachers, professionals and managers active in tunnelling. The career opportunities can be identified in companies of design, construction, manufacturers of materials and technologies, machine producers, roads and railways infrastructure managements.
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The Master is open to candidates who have a Master of Science in Civil or Environmental Engineering. For foreign applicants, the Master is open to students holding equivalent qualifications.
Application form can be found here.
Application deadline: 12th January 2023
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